Top Chef Meals Offers Gourmet Meal Delivery to Your NY City Home

Food for the elderly in NYC is a big and under serve population and there is a good story to tell in that the choices our elderly have both financially and within their personal cooking capabilities is so rarely even spoken about. Yet literally thousands of our elderly parents / grandparents face the difficult challenges of eating well and feeding themselves outside of a nursing home environment. Living in..

Living in New York, we are constantly bombarded with a ridiculous amount of meal delivery options—Blue Apron, Plated, Hello Fresh, Munchery, Sakara Life, etc etc ..

The sad reality is that most of these services are ALL outside of the realm of what most seniors can use either based on cost or their ability to prepare a meal for either themselves or a couple.

Very few people are focused on serving the elderly population, like Top Chef Meals, which has a focus on healthy, truly affordable ( $6 – $8 ) meals that are at far more affordable price points, specifically targeted to caring for the aging population… and also for those with food allergies.

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