New Picture Book That Teaches Life’s Lessons

FO360048B834Award winning Author Len Saunders is proud to announce his new picture book entitled Buddy and Bea, where a percentage of the proceeds of each book sold will raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest New Jersey.

Life….. There is no easy way to explain its meaning and purpose, especially to young children. There is no manual or instructions for talking about it with the children in our lives. And no wonder; even as adults, the “circle of life” can be hard to wrap your mind around and accept.

Buddy and Bea addresses the issue on a child’s level, through the heart-warming story of two friends who grow close before having to be separated from each other. Even children who have not experienced loss themselves can relate to this touching tale.

The book is now available on Amazon. This book will truly become a classic, and remember, if you purchase it, money will be raised for a great charity.


The link on Amazon is:

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