Green Way Pavements™ is an Exclusive northeast USA Distributor distributing ECORASTER System, recycled plastic paver grid used by NATO and the U.S. Military.

What is ECORASTER System?
ECORASTER System, a green permeable-paving-grid made from recycled plastic serves as an excellent soil stabilization system. ECORASTER System can make any building’s surroundings “green” by providing drainage, paths, walkways, parking lots, driveways and trails that grow grass, or are gravel filled.

Features of ECORASTER Paver System:
• Made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) 100% recycled post-consumer plastics bags.
• Product carries 20-Year long-time warranty.
• Simple one-time, quick and effortless installation.
• Lightweight to easily handle and install.
• Strength and stability are excellent.
• Designed to quickly allow drainage of liquid through paver system.
• Expansion and contraction due to weather changes are minimal.
• Pavers can percolate over 10” of water per hour with appropriate aggregate fill.
• Installation requires less intrusive tasks and equipment.
• Relatively maintenance free (if grass filled: requires only basic lawn care).
• Economically and ecologically long-lasting performance.
• Weather resistant, no deterioration because of expansion or contraction.
• Successful in storm water management by allowing water to drain back into the soil.
• Reduces surface heat, unlike standard asphalt applications.
• Significant reduction in maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product.
• Simple to maintain in the winter requiring the same considerations for snow removal as other pavement systems.

Application Details:

ECORASTER System serves as a practical solution that offers long-term durability with low cost and simplified maintenance. They can be turf-filled, seeded, or aggregate-filled to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Common applications are as follows:

• Driveways (residential)
• Parking areas
• Cemetery roadways
• Landscaping and sidewalk borders
• Walkways
• Playgrounds
• Parks and Pathways
• Garden Paths
• Golf Cart Paths
• Tennis Courts
• Embankment Reinforcement
• Controlling erosion
• Livestock Stalls
• Horse Riding Arena
• Military pathways and roadways
• Airport taxi runaways and Helicopter Landing Pads
• And many more…

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